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May 31, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Hot take: F*** COVID.
  • It pays to make friends with your local bodega folk.
  • We at SpeakBeasty are pro-mask-wearing.
  • Phoenix Register: Hurry up and stream Puffs! Also, a new children's book from JKR is coming soon.
  • Owl Post: Credence is more powerful than your average wizard.
  • Krall = a Hot Topic emo kid from the early 2000's.
  • "Counterpoint: who are you?"
  • Ann's husband is the local Avatar: The Last Airbender expert.
  • "He's just a crotchety guy who's wearing a silly hat."
  • "It is very on-brand for Newt to know a bunch of sketchy travel options."
  • How do you train a Niffler?
  • The dirt licking scene hits different during a global pandemic.

Podcast Question: Why is it important that Credence comes to Grindelwald freely? Is it so he can tell himself that this plan is fated to work, or some illusion of consent?



May 17, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • The world is ending!
  • Phoenix Register: Wholesome actors reading things to us is our favorite.
  • Helene is a small boi. 
  • "Credence Barebone Lestrange Scamander Dumbledore." 
  • Owl Post: Is Dumbledore a coward? 
  • Queenie and Jacob make questionable decisions out of love. 
  • A mini Time Turner about hair dryers! You're welcome. 
  • Newt is the original hipster. 
  • Circus Arcanus vibes vs. Diagon Alley vibes
  • Would you have felt differently about the Nagini storyline if you hadn't known about it beforehand? 
  • Is Credence a circus janitor? 
  • "The circus packs up and turns into a frisbee." 
  • "I would mace that guy for sure." 
  • Tycho Dodonus is Megan's boyfriend. 

Podcast Question: Why do you think Credence is the key to victory? 

May 3, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • The new Golden Trio is back! 
  • The Phoenix Register: July 2022 seems cleared for a big theatrical release...
  • “She and Steve can Zoom.”
  • Owl Post: How much did Dumbledore know about Nagini? Plus, some evidence that JKR really has been planning this twist for a long time. 
  • We dig into Part 3 of our Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown!
  • “I wonder if strange people are going to come by today.” 
  • “I just wanna travel.” 
  • “He also sent Newt to New York in the most roundabout way possible.” 
  • However Aureo says “Grindelwald” is the right way to say it. 
  • “Why does this man own champagne?” 
  • “When has taking the Nifflers with you ever been a good idea?”
  • “Take a drink of water, Bunty.”

Podcast Question: Why do you think it “has to be Newt” against Grindelwald? 

Apr 19, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Tales from Quarantine!
  • Phoenix Register: New Wizards Unite game features, new audiobooks narrated by Jude Law, and sneak peeks of the MinaLima illustrated edition of Sorcerer's Stone.
  • "I haven't touched his face, my bad." 
  • Owl Post: Fancy creative Grindelwald magic!
  • We continue our Crimes of Grindelwald movie breakdown.
  • Who are these people?
  • "It wasn't half of New York, I measured it." 
  • "Smells like a teenager!" 
  • "Who is this guy and why is he allowed to lurk at ministry hearings?" 
  • "Are they going to kiss?" 
  • Petition for a Ministry section of UO!
  • "Also, he kills babies! He's the worst!" 
  • This is Amy's favorite scene in the entire movie.
  • "Aha, I would love a body-less handshake." 

Podcast Question: Do you think that knowing a minor character’s name in a movie is important? If so, how do you think they should have been introduced?

Apr 5, 2020
  • We hope you’re all staying safe and staying inside! 
  • Phoenix Register: We are sending our love to Alison Sudol. Plus, we got some tidbits from Dan Fogler about the script of FB3! 
  • “It’s been 84 years...and we’re still stuck in 1927.” 
  • “Tweets are the owl post of the future.”
  • We begin our deep dive rewatch of Crimes of Grindelwald, starting with the first ten minutes of the film. 
  • “When we did this before, Michael and I did a 3 hour episode.”
  • “And also we don’t want to have copyright battles with Warner Bros.”
  • “What sort of magic is that?” 
  • “Nice going, Americans!” 
  • “He’s an old white dude, and I will instantly forget what he looks like.” 
  • “If you ever wondered how many Thestrals you need for a carriage...”
  • #JusticeForThestrals
  • “Kids, wear your seatbelts.”

Podcast Question: What do you think about the magic that Grindelwald uses? Is it just advanced creative magic on his part, or is due to the Elder Wand ?

Mar 29, 2020
  • Thank you for your questions! We have the best listeners.
  • Special shout-out to Lizzie G. and Julianna for their work in healthcare during this time. (And to all of our listeners who are on the front lines of this pandemic. We appreciate you!) 
  • "I want to say Crimes of Grindelwald because someone has to." 
  • "And Nick Fury comes in..." 
  • "Relationships shouldn't be about changing people." 
  • "I would like a cat that can stand on its hind legs and speak English." 
Mar 22, 2020
  • Brains are melting (but hopefully everyone is staying safe).
  • Phoenix Register: Fantastic Beasts 3 production has been paused. (The universe doesn't want us to get this movie.)
  • Stay tuned for a discussion on Queenie's buttons.
  • Owl Post: What constitutes a Newtina spoiler?
  • "The spoiler is that Patronuses can be people."
  • We have become a Pokemon podcast.
  • Main Discussion: What are the challenging aspects of making a prequel or film against a historical backdrop, when the audience knows how the story will end?
  • If something is a prequel or a "bridge movie," does that make it a bad movie?
  • "Poor Martin Freeman." 
  • Okay here it is, but we're not happy about it." 
  • Is it okay to humanize a villain?
  • Is the Fantastic Beasts series a good prequel?
  • Time Turner: Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle!

Podcast Question: Do you think Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them constitutes a prequel? Why or why not?

Mar 8, 2020
  • “Isn’t that fancy?”
  • Phoenix Register: Filming seems to be on and poppin'!
  • “We could just ask Marjo to help us like we always do.”
  • “She’s born to run but lacks confidence.”
  • Some owl post from our official Tina correspondent.
  • Main Discussion: New theories about the origin of Credence/Aurelius.
  • “Just because people aren’t alive yet doesn’t mean they can’t be alchemists.”
  • Could the Sorcerer's Stone be used to create a body?
  • Turning silver into gold
  • “I’ve dropped the Voldemort. I’m just Lorde now.”
  • “Man, that is a whole entire question.”
  • “He’s a neat guy.”
  • Newt Case: Thestrals!
  • We bid a very sad farewell to our OG host, Ariel. 

Podcast Question: What is your favorite Credence origin theory?

Feb 23, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Surprise guest host: Lizzie's cat
  • “We love our time traveling on this show.”
  • Phoenix Register: FILMING HAS MAYBE BEGUN? and Callum Turner is officially back for FB3!
  • Owl Post: “We don’t like fan service, but we love baby niffler fan service.”
  • Are timeline continuity issues even relevant to theorizing about overall themes?
  • Main Discussion: Cinematography in Fantastic Beasts!
  • “I feel like I’ve been watching movies wrong for years.”
  • Why do films have more close-ups now than they used to?
  • “He’s like a little ray of sunshine.”
  • “Very dramatic. I love it.”
  • “Special skills: Knows how to wear a hat.”
  • Time Turner: Jean Renoir in the 1920's and 30's! 

Podcast Question: What is your favorite scene in Crimes of Grindelwald in terms of how it was filmed?

Feb 9, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty:

  • "It's just brain damage"
  • Phoenix Register: Johnny Depp is revealed as a victim of abuse / Jude Law is growing his Dumbledore beard back / Cooper Andrews might be in Fantastic Beasts 3
  • Katherine Waterstone should have had her baby by now according to math and her baby will be a baby Brazilian wizard in the upcoming movie
  • Owl Post: There were a lot more people involved in the magic of the Harry Potter films than J.K. Rowling
  • Continuity errors in Sherlock Holmes and how that terminology is relevant to media nowadays
  • "McGonagall was baby Yoda all along"
  • "I'm starting to think this school doesn't make sense. There are some continuity errors in Hogwarts."
  • "I did my waiting. 13 episodes of it. In my living room."
  • "It's a white lie - because they are white people."
  • Dan Fogler revealed title 4 of the Fantastic Beasts films and Molly Weasley was part of the final battle against Grindelwald
  • Newt Case: Boggarts
  • Do vanished objects become Boggarts?
  • "Magical Mold and Where to Find Them"

Podcast Question: How do you feel about these continuity errors at this point? Are you still feeling furious? Or are you able to laugh them off as time goes on between films? If it is the former, which makes you the angriest? 

Jan 26, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • "Look at us. Who would've thought."
  • We are officially announcing our 2030 retirement.
  • Phoenix Register: RIP Danielle Hugues. /* Plus, we now have dates for the Fantastic Beasts exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London.
  • "I always hope Warner Bros. is not listening." 
  • Owl Post: "It's out of her hands now." 
  • "But also, I just shouldn't be spending money anyways because I'm poor."
  • We discuss WWI veterans in Fantastic Beasts and what their experiences would've been like.
  • "They came to Europe and then...what did they do for a year?" 
  • "It was less than 50 but more than 14." 
  • "I don't care which side I'm on, I only care where the dragons are."
  • "I forgot the law existed." - Newt
  • "More like EverMORON." 
  • Time Turner: Chinese New Year!
  • "Just don't set things on fire." 

Podcast Question: Do you think wizards were involved in WWI? If so, how do you think they participated?

Jan 12, 2020

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Join Ann, Helene, Megan, and guest host Rex!
  • “It’s a very phallic-looking sock puppet.”
  • The Phoenix Register: A Fantastic Beasts exhibit is coming to the Natural History Museum in London! 
  • “To take your mind off of imminent death and global warming...”
  • We are gonna get our hands dirty. 
  • Where do we go from here as a fandom after JKR’s recent Twitter controversy?
  • “Alternately titled, In My Feelings.”
  • Parasocial interaction!
  • The eras of the Harry Potter fandom (not scientifically tested).
  • “I don’t even know how rugby works.”
  • “That would be tragic if you missed the newest episode of Lizzie McGuire.”
  • “Thank you, Jordan Peele.”
  • “We are a fandom that is resilient, and full of very accepting and caring people.”
  • The Newt Case: The Nokk!
  • “Scandinavian. Please. The good stuff.”
  • “We need to be like Angelina Jolie, when she was weird.”

Podcast Question: Will the way you decide to consume Potter and Fantastic Beasts change after JK Rowling’s tweet? Why or why not?

Dec 29, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Join Aureo, Ann, Jennifer, and Marjolaine for the last episode for the year!
  • We’ve recorded this before Christmas, but we’ve already started eating. 
  • “Thank you Marjolaine for putting us on the spot.”
  • Our favorite Beasty moments of the year! 
  • “Big Percy Energy.”
  • Shannen visits to talk to us about the JKR Twitter controversy. 
  • Phoenix Register: The new HP/Beasts knitting magazine is a thing of beauty. 
  • Main Discussion: Prophecies and visions!
  • “She was essentially high all the time.”
  • Grindelwald just accidentally poked himself in the eye. “Constant vigilance!”
  • "I don't think a strong French accent would suit Trelawney."
  • We as readers are taught not to take Divination seriously. 
  • Time Turner: New Year’s food traditions from around the globe!
  • Podcast Question: Do you think the vision Grindelwald hints at will become more relevant in the future?
Dec 15, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Michael's back, y'all!
  • “Woo! I am awkward.”
  • Phoenix Register: We finally got our Christmas album!
  • It’s too cold for owls.
  • Main Discussion: Steve Kloves is coming back as a screenwriter for the next Fantastic Beasts film.
  • “F’ that noise.”
  • If you want JKR to trust you, tell her Hermione is your favorite character.
  • “I’m really busy right now writing these Harry Potter novels.”
  • "She's totally listening." 
  • The Newt Case: The Augurey!

Podcast Question: Will Kloves struggle or strive with the fact that there’s no source material (aka novels) to work from? 

Dec 1, 2019
  • Spoiler alert - we’re still Fantastic.
  • “That’s news I’ve known for half a year, but…congrats.”
  • “We’re just going to be brutally honest.”
  • “No more McGonagallgates.”
  • Take care of the props!!!
  • We welcome the lovely Poppy Corby-Tuech, who played Vinda Rosier!
  • “We were all kept in the dark.”
  • “I think it was just tea served in a really aggressive teapot.”
  • We are all on board for expanding the relationship between Vinda and Queenie.
  • “The dark side has the best looks.”
  • “It gives you an economy of movement.”
  • “I think that often when things are in chaos, people will dress really well.”
  • “100 years in the future when they do films about this era, everyone will just be in sweatpants.”
  • Vinda probably needs a bit of a holiday.
  • Time Turner: Fascism in France!
Nov 17, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty

  • In case you couldn’t tell, we are celebrating our 100th episode! As a celebration, we will be traveling around the globe to talk to all of our past and present team members.
  • “Hopefully without any concussions involved.”
  • We didn’t get Richard Ayoade, but we did get Jude Law.
  • “Maybe the real Fantastic Beasts were the friends we made along the way.”
  • “That was one of the coolest days of my human life.”
  • “We built this podcast on rock and roll.”
  • Slytherins and Hufflepuffs make great teams.
  • “Everything comes back to SpeakBeasty.”
  • “If I didn’t cry, it wouldn’t be real.”
  • “The best part of growing up with Harry Potter is the theorizing.”
  • “Everyone is everywhere.”
  • “It really does have that magical kind of feel to it – it doesn’t matter where you are, it just takes you away.”
  • “I always end up laughing when I’m recording.”
  • “My favorite part of these movies is ripping them apart afterwards.”
  • We still miss Colin Farrell.
  • Younger siblings are a pain, confirmed.
  • “I didn’t expect to appreciate a new story in the Wizarding World quite so much.”
  • “I could’ve had a whole 2-hour film of just him tending to his creatures.”
  • Meet our lovely social media team!
  • “They’ve had two films and they haven’t kissed yet, so I keep making it happen.”
  • “We want that book! Or five!”
  • “I’m trying to avoid the Cursed Child of it all.”
  • “The theorizing machine came to life again.”
  • “I thought you guys were going to cut it out – nope. It became the title of the episode.”
  • “I also fixed the internet, so you’re welcome world.”
  • “It’s a podcast for dogs.”
  • “Dumbledore keeps the lights on in here.”
  • Thank you for 100 episodes, Beasties! Here's to many more!
Nov 4, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • It's a tri-lingual episode with Aureo, Marjolaine, and Shannen!
  • The Phoenix Register: We think filming starts in February? Maybe? Also, a universe is apparently bigger than a world. 
  • "It's way too expensive and we don't want it." 
  • Owl Post: Leta's mental health struggles are not something Newt is equipped to deal with. 
  • Main Discussion: Marjolaine takes us through what she found out from her Q&A with Brontis Jodorowski, who played Nicolas Flamel!
  • "That's why we felt so bad after the movie - because we didn't have Nicolas Flamel giving us croissants." 
  • "We are the perfect and only Fantastic Beasts podcast."
  • How was Flamel's pursuit of immortality different than Voldemort's and Grindelwald's?
  • “Yo - a wind could blow you away. Shut up.”
  • "We had too many women already."
  • "The Wizarding World, where they still use owls in the 90's and don't have phones." 
  • The Newt Case: The Erkling!

Podcast Question: Do you think Nicolas Flamel and/or alchemy will play a bigger role in future movies? 

Oct 20, 2019
  • Welcome to SpookBeasty!
  • Owl Post: Is Tina secretly following her own leads without approval? Was that postcard really from Tina? 
  • "I mean... magic." 
  • "We have a lot of questions about Leta."  
  • Did Grindelwald's blue flames actually kill people, or did they just imprison them? 
  • "I do not want her to be framed for Newt's man pain." 
  • Does Leta's death help or hinder Grindelwald in any way?
  • "Just go buy another hookah - they have them in the Halloween section at Target."
  • "Newt is the slow burn." 
  • "Her entire existence is just one big fail of the Bechdel test." 
  • "I think we've all had those moments, we just haven't swapped babies because of it." 
  • "Why are all these people dying before I can kill them?" 
  • The Time Turner: Le Theatre de Grand-Guignol!

Podcast Question: Do you feel Leta’s story was fully-fleshed out, or was she short-changed for the purpose of Newt and Theseus’s own stories?

Oct 6, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty:

  • Welcome back Jennifer!
  • The Phoenix Register: Mina Lima wallpaper (#drool), Interactive Merchandise (screaming mandrakes, bendable Cornish Pixies, Dobby, etc.), and the Wizarding World app...over or underwhelmed?
  • Owl Post: Response to Episode 95’s podcast question from our own host Ann Lysy!
  • Marjolaine’s interview with William Nadylam- Yusuf Kama!
  • Including- his thoughts on his character, Yusuf Kama, the Potterverse as a whole, the Golden Trio of David Heyman, David Yates, and Jo Rowling, the multifaceted idea of global acting, and his thoughts on Dan Fogler, Eddie Redmayne, and Ezra Miller.
  • Also, Marjolaine translates main points of the interview with William Nadylam and Brontis Jodorowsky (Nicolas Flamel), and ends the translation with a few painful anecdotes: “I saw it coming,” and “This one has my blood on it, so it’s now truly magical.”
  • William NAMES TWO BABY NIFFLERS. His reasonings are simply adorable, and incredibly thought-provoking.

Podcast Question: Would you like to see Yusuf Kama in Fantastic Beasts 3, and what do you think his role could be in future movies?


Sep 22, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Hosts Amy, Helene, Lizzie, and Megan welcome back very special guest, Dan Fogler!
  • We learn about Squolphins, the newest Fantastic Beast, and also the baked ziti to end all baked ziti’s.
  • “I’m very heterosexual, but that man has very hypnotic, kryptonian, crystalline blue eyeballs.”
  • Next time you talk to Jude Law, ask him to sing you a sea shanty.
  • Owl Post: How many red herrings is too many red herrings?
  • “When you’re acting these scenes, you call upon past relationships where you really wanted things to work out and they didn’t - it’s just so hard.”
  • "Hold on, hold on, wait. I'm Corvus?"
  • Capybaras are not the same as Chupacabras.
  • "It's amazing to be able to continue a character and grow with it - it's like a living entity." 
  • "I'm gonna be nifflin' right next to ya." 
  • Kowalski's Korner: Check out Dan Fogler's 4D XPerience Podcast! Also find Dan at LeakyCon Boston and NYCC. 
Sep 9, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Hosts Ariel and Julianna officially welcome new host, Craig!
  • We have a male librarian niche on this show.
  • Jen and Sam were featured in a Pottermore #BacktoHogwarts video!
  • “Sorry I killed your baby.”
  • “My wee little Puff heart!”
  • Main Discussion: Sacrificial love magic!
  • “Yes, but I meant to.”
  • RIP Barb
  • Did Harry actually love everyone fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts?
  • #SaveRomilda
  • The Time Turner: Love magic!

Podcast Question: What do you make of Leta’s death? Do you think it enacted any sort of sacrificial protection for Newt and Theseus? Is there more to it?

Aug 25, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Amy and Megan officially welcome Julianna to the team!
  • We love a good meme on this team.
  • The Phoenix Register: The new Wizarding World app!
  • Owl Post: What it means to be someone with autism, and the possibility that Antonio’s untimely death was necessary character development.
  • Main Discussion: Murdering babies and siblings!
  • Megan puts her Aureo hat on.
  • Children are innocent and we have an instinctual need to protect them.
  • “That’s what I’ve always wanted from a husband!”
  • “He did not do a great job.”
  • “Rat brains are really small, so.”
  • “I remember when the first Fantastic Beasts came out. I still had all my teeth.”
  • “Dead babies. The end.”
  • The Newt Case: The Bundium!

Podcast Question: Whose baby murdering do you feel was worse - Grindelwald or Voldemort?

Aug 11, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty...

  • Aureo and Megan welcome new hosts, Ann and Helene!
  • The Phoenix Register: San Diego Comic Con!
  • Please give us the Christmas album, thank you.
  • Owl Post: Let the characters stand on their own!
  • Main Discussion: Aurelius Dumbledore
  • “What is Xenophilius Lovegood wearing? He looks like an omelet.”
  • We’re starting a support group for Aberforth.
  • Who is Marcus Aurelius and why is he here?
  • We discuss the “Obscurial Transfer” theory – can a parasite live without a host?
  • “You’re mad because it makes a little bit of sense.”
  • Check out our timeline on the site!
  • The big question: is Grindelwald lying?
  • The Time Turner: Coco Chanel’s life through 1927. 

Podcast Question: Do you think Grindelwald is lying? If not, how do you think he found out that Credence is a Dumbledore? 

Jul 28, 2019

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Welcome back Aaron, the grand-pappy of SpeakBeasty!
→ “Maybe the real beast was humanity.”
→ Go see Aaron in the West Coast premiere of Puffs!
→ It's a lot of days, you guys. 
Owl Post: Biologists are just as wild as wizards. Also, Sal is the MVP.
Main Discussion: We're gonna talk about beasts!
→ "Where did he come from, where did he go?" 
→ Was it necessary to see Grindelwald throw Antonio? 
→ Were there ways to better work in the beasts to the existing plot?
→ The Newt Case: Ahui Zodl!

Podcast Question: Which beast do you want to see more of in future movies?

Jul 14, 2019

Join hosts Amy, Lizzie, and Michael, as well as special guest, Mike Schubert of Potterless

→ Check out Potterless for a non-rose-tinted-glasses approach to the Potter series with no previous nostalgia.
→ Don’t be racist! 
Phoenix Register: Amy and Lizzie waited 8 hours to ride the new Hagrid coaster. 
Owl Post: Representation, it’s not that hard! 
→ Idris Elba as Grindelwald? Yes please. 
Main Discussion: Has Fantastic Beasts enticed an new generation of people to explore Potter? What are some similarities and differences between the characters?
→ “The real beasts are the friends we made along the way”
→ “Oh no - he hasn’t seen the sequel.”
→ Is Filch Gunther or Mr. Heckles?
→ “Hagrid is gorgeous, how dare you.”
→ Does Fantastic Beasts stand alone as a series or can you only enjoy it after you’ve read Harry Potter?
Time Turner: The Potter family! 
→ “Sorry Grandma, your last name is Fleamont, so...”
→ “The Confundables are so confounding.”
→ What’s on the horizon for Potterless
→ We say goodbye to our dear friend and host, Michael, as he moves on to pursue other adventures. 

Podcast question: Is Fantastic Beasts using Harry Potter to keep its audience captivated, and if so, how?

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