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Dec 25, 2022

It's our seventh anniversary! We're celebrating with our favorite memories from the last seven years. Thanks for being on the ride with us, and happy holidays!

Dec 11, 2022
  • Welcome to our VERY SPECIAL guest, Victoria Yeates! Victoria portrayed Bunty Broadacre in the Fantastic Beasts films!
  • We gladly welcome any opportunity to talk about Bunty.
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, BellaBee!
  • Victoria talks her wild audition experience and who she auditioned with.
  • Which Fantastic Beasts movie does she like best?
  • She also reveals which set we'll likely never see at the Studio Tour.
  • "It was like Groundhog Day."
  • We love to see different archetypes represented on screen. 
  • #givebuntyalovestory2k23
  • Tweeds! Sleeves! Unexpected costuming challenges!
  • It's confirmed: Bunty is a Hufflepuff! 
  • Whose nonsense is Bunty completely over?
  • Victoria needs the guinea pig in the scene with her.
  • We discover an unused filming location.

Podcast Question: Which Fantastic Beasts film set would you like to see in the studio tour or the theme parks?

Nov 27, 2022
  • Unfortunately, we had to fire Shannen. 
  • Thanks to this week's Patreon supporter, Lix!
  • We've been spelling it Geoff, but it's actually Geoff with a W - but not where you'd expect!
  • Phoenix Register: everyone's saying Fantastic Beasts is over, but what did Zaslav actually say?
  • If we do get two more movies, there's gonna be some big time jumps.
  • Owl Post: who should be the new face of the Wizarding World franchise? 
  • Seems like the people just want Newtina.
  • As of the date of episode release, Rishi Sunak is still the PM of England.
  • "When am I not referring to Disney Descendants?"
  • Theseus is Zordon.
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 41 - 44 of the screenplay 
  • How secret can something be if you have to fill out a form to visit?
  • Jacob ponders the meaning of Dumbledore's words, and so do we.
  • "He's an enigma wrapped in a lie wrapped in trauma wrapped in a pumpkin pasty."
  • Amy is bringing back hats.
  • Bunty is just as irresponsible as Newt when it comes to tiny, winged creatures.
  • Ann reviews Harry Potter: Magic at Play!
  • Carolyn's article is here 
  • The occamy was in a Macy's … Magic at Play is in a Macy's… there has to be a connection!
  • Is a dragon skeleton in a mall THAT big of an ask?
  • Oliver Wood is so disappointed in Ann right now.
  • We found out what happened to Newt 😳
  • Podcast Question: how do you think Dumbledore's pocketwatch showing a vision of Credence works?
Nov 13, 2022
  • Welcome back to Liz from our social media team!
  • Thanks to this week's Patreon supporter, Adrien C.!
  • Phoenix Register: Ann's salty!
  • Variety: David Zaslav Open to Deal with J.K. Rowling for More Harry Potter Content
  • Time really has become meaningless. 
  • There's nothing actively in development for the Wizarding World at Warner Brothers - what does this mean for Fantastic Beasts?
  • Owl Post: Owl-bert (aka Albert from the Wizarding World Podcast) writes and asks us who we'd like to see running the Wizarding World franchise.
  • Fun fact: math wasn't invented until 2009
  • Amy should do it if we're all being honest with ourselves.
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 37 - 41 of the screenplay 
  • Credence is a Millennial, confirmed.
  • We try to figure out how Divination works. 
  • "Haven't seen any stray hotties around here, bye."
  • Jacob's back must be sore from carrying this movie.
  • Dumbledore definitely sneaks vapes to Hogwarts students. 
  • Time-Turner: Mirrors and magic!
  • We also offer useful hotel safety tips on how to avoid ghosts and ninjas.
  • John Dee's obsidian mirror (image courtesy of Wikipedia)
  • Someone please help Liz spiritually cleanse herself. 

Podcast Question: Who would you like to see as "the new face" of the Wizarding World branch of WB?

Oct 30, 2022
  • Welcome back to our graphic designer, Carolyn!
  • Happy birthday to Ann's dad, Ray!
  • Thanks to this week's Patreon supporter, Lauren S.!
  • Phoenix Register: we were on the BBC! Check it out here at the 34 minute mark.
  • Amy and Lizzie went to the Forbidden Forest Experience! Check out Amy's video of it here.
  • The giant wands are officially landing at the WB Studio Tour in Leavesden. 
  • What are lumens??
  • The second Wizarding World attraction at Epic Universe has been canceled.
  • Theme park chat from 13:00 - 20:45 if you want to go into Epic Universe completely unspoiled.
  • (Despite our best efforts, it DOES get too inside baseball.)
  • Raise a wand for Robbie Coltrane.
  • Owl Post: Jack writes in about … TRAINS! 
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 33-36 in the screenplay 
  • Aberforth needs to share his cleaning recommended with us, stat. 
  • As promised, "Do You Know What It's Like," from Zanna, Don't!
  • McGonagall can teach ANYTHING. 
  • Aberforth: YIKES.
  • Special Segment: Amy and Lizzie interview Heather McGill, producer and creative director of Unify, one of the companies behind the Forbidden Forest Experience.
  • Heather talks Easter eggs, exclusive merch, and Hogwarts treats!

Podcast Question: How do you think magical texting works?

Oct 16, 2022
  • Fall is here and we are LIVING for it.
  • Thanks to this week's Patreon, Ananda!
  • Phoenix Register: The giant touring wands might be coming to Leavesden!
  • We talk our dream Fantastic Beasts representation at the Studio Tour.
  • Marjolaine shares about a French FB-themed card game!
  • We also get some extremely spicy Disney parks takes from Ann.
  • Lizzie quits the pod fifteen minutes in.
  • The question still remains: WHERE IS TINA??
  • No owls this week :( send us your thoughts! 
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 29 - 32 of the screenplay 
  • Can you really describe the head of the International Confederation of Wizards as "benign?"
  • Theseus has Big James Potter Energy.
  • "If you don't have tea in your tea, it's not tea."
  • Please come on the show, MinaLima!
  • (Also, they have a new book about designing the Wizarding World, out 10/18!)
  • #Thally is back, baby!!
  • Albus "The Soup" Dumbledore. 
  • Battle of the Beasts: Lizzie! vs! Marjolaine!

Podcast Question: What do you think Dumbledore should have said to Vogel to change his mind?

Oct 2, 2022
  • It's SPOOKBEASTY season again!
  • Phoenix Register: new merch! Secrets of Dumbledore Loungefly collection. 
  • The Royal Ontario Museum is hosting a SPOOKTACULAR Fantastic Beasts-themed event on 10/28. Canadian listeners, go and report back!
  • Owl Post: Jeri writes in about Vogel's possible involvement in Grindelwald’s escape.
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 25-29 of the screenplay
  • Berlin = cold..
  • "I just … I just wanna go to the station where my friends Newt and Theseus were" 🥺
  • We discuss new ship names for Newt/Bunty. Maybe "Booooooo-t?" 
  • Vogel does not get to be benign in THAT coat.
  • Geoff breaches the Multiverse of Magic.
  • We need German Ministry of Magic merch, please!!
  • There's a brief discussion of vexillology.
  • Peaceful as in non-violent, not peaceful as in sleepy.
  • Theseus is notorious (and cute)
  • Time-Turner: the history of trick-or-treating! 
  • Children used to carry burning effigies. Trick-or-treating used to be so cool.
  • If you're gonna give out historically accurate treats, you're gonna get egged.

Podcast Question: What are your headcanons about the Wizarding World in Germany, or your hometown?

Sep 18, 2022
    • Does international Apparition cause jet lag?
    • Thanks to this week's Patreon sponsor, Aureo! 
    • Phoenix Register: mostly actor news!
    • Eddie Redmayne is receiving the Golden Eye Award at the Zurich Film Festival.
    • He also has a new thriller on Netflix, The Good Nurse, out now.
    • Samantha Morton (Mary Lou Barebone) will be in a Paramount+ show, The Burning Girls.
    • (Mary Lou WOULD know about burning people….)
    • Colin Farrell and Brandon Gleeson will be in a new Martin McDonagh movie, The Banshees of Inisherin.
    • WB is launching the Wizarding World Festival in 2023. We have no details now, but stay tuned!
    • Owl Post: Owl-bert suggests a timeline for a possible Dumbledore HBO Max show, and we give our own suggestions.
    • Pic of the Reddit exchange here.
    • Marjolaine had to Disapparate due to distinctly non-magical Internet issues.
    • Main Discussion: Scenes 20-24 in the screenplay.
    • “It’s a good thing we’re at a bus stop, ‘cause we’re on the struggle bus.”
    • Lally has no bothers left.
    • What’s Colonial Girl Flour? We don’t know, and Google is no help.
    • Keep an eye out for Frank’s Forget-About-It-Juice, coming summer 2023!
    • Ann has Feelings about Time and Watches and Calendars.
    • Geoff presents his own half-baked theory.
    • Please give us the Great Wizarding Express merch!
    • Newt is NOT a Thally shipper.
    • Kowalski’s Half-Baked Theories: Did Vogel help orchestrate Grindelwald’s transfer out of MACUSA and subsequent escape?
    • We adore a username like starbucksbasic.
  • Podcast Question: Do you agree or disagree with the theory that Vogel helped orchestrate Grindelwald’s prison break?
Sep 4, 2022
  • New segment idea: Shannen vs Geoff
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Lucy!
  • Phoenix Register: Mads Mikkelsen:  Johnny Depp "could" come back as Grindelwald?
  • Secrets of Dumbledore is out for home consumption in France! Finalmente!
  • WB has also launched a new website with information on where French people can stream the Potter movies… kinda
  • Owl Post: leslecturesdepopy comments on Instagram about their dream behind-the-scenes content, and Jerri shares amazing merch finds.
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 15 - 19 of the screenplay!
  • Fantastic Beasts: The men are sad and the ladies are aggressively competent.
  • Queenie is uncomfortable and Credence is unsurprised.
  • Like the cheese, the bride stands alone
  • Spicy take: Jacob Kowalski is ALSO sad!
  • “Make it work, Jacob Kowalski!”
  • Maybe Jacob's bakery is in trouble because he's charging TWO CENTS for a PĄCZKI.
  • No-Maj Movie Magic: Bryn Court, a sculptor! 
  • See his work at
  • His Potter work includes the chess pieces in Philosopher’s Stone and the Whomping Willow.
  • He’s also done much sculptural work at the Wizarding World theme parks!
  • Some possible hints for Queenie ended up on the cutting room floor.

Podcast Question: Which statue from the "Fantastic Beasts" films would you like to see in Epic Universe?

Aug 21, 2022
  • The Core Four are back!
  • Thank you to this week's iconic Patreon supporter, Sophie!
  • Phoenix Register: We're getting closer to having wizard duels at Universal!
  • Put it on the calendar: SpeakBeasty meet-up at Epic Universe, Ann and Amy are dueling.
  • Vegan Butterbeer is also available at Universal Orlando and Hollywood!
  • The Hogwarts Legacy release has been announced for February 10, 2023
  • Owl Post: DisKid gives an opinion on the Deathly Hallows video games (they're bad!) and Hadley sends in a trip report.
  • "We don't accept dollars, only Wizard Bucks."
  • Main Discussion: Scenes 10-14 in the screenplay. 
  • Credence is not subtle.
  • This is the shot of Neuschwanstein Castle Ann is inelegantly referring to. 
  • It's important that Aberforth has a beard.
  • Everyone's eyeing each other in this movie.
  • Where is the blood troth going??
  • We debate if Dumbledore is more Merlin or Vader.
  • Time-Turner: Nuremberg, Germany
  • Nuremberg post-bombing
  • Next meet-up location?

Podcast Question: Why do you think the blood troth flies away from Dumbledore?

Aug 7, 2022
  • Everything is fine 🙂
  • Thanks to this week's Patreon supporter, Bailey!
  • Harry Potter: Magic at Play is opening in Chicago on 11/11. 
  • It all sounds great but most importantly there's going to be BUTTERBEER.
  • Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest Experience is also opening in Washington, D.C. on October 29. Tickets are on-sale now.
  • It's very spoopy. 
  • Rumors are flying about a possible Dumbledore series on HBO Max, produced by and starring Jude Law. 
  • "It's monster of the week but the monster is Pickett."
  • Owl Post: Friend of the pod Albert (n/k/a Owl-bert) sends us some info and speculation about Hogwarts Legacy and a possible sequel. 
  • It's all in the DLC.
  • leslecturesdepopy from Instagram writes in from about their dream deleted scenes - weddings and more politics! 
  • Jacob's wedding menu: fancy looks and bread.
  • Main Discussion: The Secrets of Dumbledore screenplay!
  • "Dangerous times favor dangerous men … and women… and Wizarding persons of indeterminate gender!"
  • (I'm not cross-stitching all that.)
  • Fix-It Steve!
  • New plan: we make Amy do it all. 
  • Chillin' like a Cillian?
  • Whoosh! Spells! Billowing! 
  • Newtcase: The Naga! 
  • Is there, perhaps, a connection to a character in Fantastic Beasts? Hmmm…

Podcast Question: Do you like the behind-the-scenes information we got in the screenplay or would you prefer the actual screenplay?

Jul 24, 2022
  • Titles: Release The Yates Cut
  • It's July! The screenplay is out!
  • Thanks to this week's Patreon sponsor, Lucinda!
  • Phoenix Register: Secrets of Dumbledore got its first award.
  • It's also #1 for Blu-Ray/DVD sales.
  • Owl Post: DisKid writes in regarding the qilin, and Jerri is all about the deleted scenes.
  • Main Discussion: deleted scenes!
  • YouTube link here.
  • "Why are you regulating the owl's diet??"
  • #LetTheseusBeAHugger
  • We love to see boys with baby animals.
  • Credence has a weird way of helping people.
  • "Grindelwald is using a mob as a form of intimidation…that's cool."
  • I Didn't Think This Through: The Anton Vogel Story

Podcast Question: What deleted scenes were you hoping to see, or what did you learn from what we did get?

Jul 10, 2022

Hosts Ann and Amy sat down for an exclusive interview with Robin Guiver, the Supervising Creature Puppeteer on the first two Fantastic Beasts films. Robin gives us behind-the-scenes information on how the team of puppeteers and movement actors gave the actors something tangible to interact with on set, and Ann continues her embarrassing string of D&D questions.

Podcast Question: Is there a creature from Secrets of Dumbledore that you would like to know the creative process behind?

Jun 26, 2022
  • Welcome to our special guest, Chris! 
  • Thanks to our Patreon Supporter this week, Jen M.! 
  • Phoenix Register: America is not the entire world. 
  • Secrets of Dumbledore is releasing on DVD/Blu-Ray in France on 8/24.
  • It's also performing very well on HBO Max!
  • A new Harry Potter experience, Harry Potter: Magic at Play is opening this fall, potentially in Chicago. 
  • The SDCC-exclusive Zouwu Loungefly backpack is very cute.
  • Owl post: no owls :( send us your thoughts!
  • Main Discussion: The election: what happened and how can we fix it?
  • "Wizards just perceive time differently."
  • What year is it?? Maybe we discover an answer.
  • We want all the lore, please.
  • Wizarding elections are extremely complicated. 
  • New theory about what happened in Florida in 2000 just dropped.
  • The German newspaper we use as reference can be seen here
  • Grindelwald’s playing 4-D chess and we're just trying keep up.
  • Do Tao and Dumbledore know each other? Can we have more of that?
  • You can't hate Muggles if you're wearing a sharp suit.
  • "And now, the fanfiction portion of the show."
  • Leave it to Marjolaine to come up with a gorgeous, cinematic magical voting system. 
  • SpeakBeasty officially endorses Santos.*
  • *according to Ann. This is not actually a dictatorship.
  • If you want more Chris content, you can follow him on Twitter @chrislysy, on Instagram @lysyc12 (cute dog pics!), or go to his website

Podcast Question: We created a magical voting system. How do you think wizards would vote?

Jun 12, 2022
  • Happy Pride from all of us at SpeakBeasty! 
  • Thanks to our Patreon supporter this week, Jamie!
  • Phoenix Register: Secrets of Dumbledore is available on streaming and the DVD is out 6/28!
  • Universal debuted dark chocolate Chocolate Frogs, perfect for Lizzie to drink red wine with.
  • Owl Post: Yael, Jan, and Martina write in and share their thoughts on Credence, Jacqueenie, and embarrassing fan videos.
  • Amy has Owl Post directly addressed to her! It’s a birthday month miracle!
  • We’re all fired.
  • Main discussion: the one, the only, Eulalie Hicks!
  • The interview Amy references throughout is here.
  • Can we please go to Wizard Harlem?
  • Lizzie isn’t pronouncing Millettia laurentii. More information here.
  • “We date, and then we’re still friends, and then we married a pair of brothers.”
  • We get to make up multiple ship names. So much power.
  • Newtcase: fire crabs!
  • We just want to gently give lettuce to sparkly turtles.
  • Where are the fire crab plushies??
  • It’s SpiceBeasty tonight, apparently.

Podcast Question: What are you most interested to learn about Eulalie in future films?

May 29, 2022
  • It's not gonna be May, but it is gonna be Amy’s birthday month!
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, VlightPhase! Couldn't do it without you!
  • Phoenix Register: we cover box office intake for Secrets of Dumbledore.
  • Shannen covered Secrets of Dumbledore merchandise for Universal Orlando.
  • Ann gets into her deeply specific Harry Potter dreams.
  • WB has a new CEO that's allegedly prioritizing Potter.
  • "Don't try new things. Ever." - Geoff
  • Owl Post: we have a lot!
  • Albert sent us a "wall of logos" of potential HBO Max Wizarding World series.
  • Geoff was on Care of Magical Shippers talking about the Marauders!
  • It seems pretty unanimous what the best Grindelwald scene is.
  • There were also a ton of responses about Credence being Aberforth's son!
  • "Sit down for a nice dinner and then Credence can die."
  • Main Discussion: Jacob and Queenie's relationship!
  • We love that Queenie gets to be an unapologetically feminine hero.
  • Geoff is referring to Episode 135, "Am I the Drama?"
  • Shannen ships Jally!
  • Everything about Jacqueenie in movie 3 feels rushed.
  • Getting married in a bakery is pretty sweet.
  • Tax fraud is SO EASY if you're magical.
  • "We finally get a time card and place card and it says "England, 1945.""
  • We're gonna talk ALL THE RELATIONSHIPS.
  • Kowalski's Half-Baked Theories: does Dumbledore's wand have a twin core to the Elder Wand?
  • Grave-robbing = very cool

Podcast Question: What is your favorite Jacob and Queenie scene?

May 15, 2022
  • SpeakBeasty is an essential service. 
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Ali F.!
  • Phoenix Register: Marjolaine was on Alohomora! Check it out here.
  • The WB Studios Tour in Hollywood has added Fantastic Beasts costumes.
  • UK store EMP has lots of cute Fantastic Beasts merch too.
  • Secrets of Dumbledore will be on HBO Max in late May!
  • Owl Post: Hadley and Jeri share their thoughts about the timeline, Yusuf, and various grains.
  • Main Discussion: Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald!
  • The interview Marjolaine references is here
  • "Some actors couldn't, but Mads can."
  • Mads has a whole backstory for Grindelwald and we need it, please.
  • YouTube links: 
  • "He's gentle and soft but in a manipulating way."
  • Grindelwald is surprisingly chill about not killing Dumbledore.
  • Was Yusuf chillin' with the qilin? (Boy, that joke doesn't work in text.)
  • If only we'd gotten more of the Nurmengard set.
  • Do dark pools come standard in castle basements?
  • We talk our favorite Grindelwald scenes. 
  • BATTLE OF THE BEASTS! Shannen takes on Ann!

Podcast Question: What is your favorite Grindelwald scene?

May 1, 2022
  • 150 episodes and still looking good!
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Jasmine!
  • Phoenix Register: The movie is out and the internet has lots of hot takes!
  • Should Lizzie reread Twilight?
  • Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is incorporating some beasts.
  • Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore Movie Magic is out and there's an interview with the author on MuggleNet
  • Owl Post: Our listeners rate Secrets of Dumbledore. 
  • Main Discussion: Everything SpeakBeasty almost got right!
  • It's been six months in the making! We're discussing Lizzie's notes from her chat with an insider back in November. 
  • Chillens?
  • Aberforth has two (2) human wives and one (1) goat wife. 
  • We got the qilin!
  • "I remember because I was wearing nylon pinafores."
  • Lizzie and Geoff have INCREDIBLE restraint. 
  • Where's Tina? We finally know.
  • No one expects a murderous Muggle.
  • Who what why when Credence?
  • Wait, none of the beasts are real?!
  • Time-Turner: Castle Hochosterwitz in Austria
  • "Boiling oil … or spiders…"
  • How many beef jokes can we make?
Apr 17, 2022
  • Welcome to our special guest, Carolyn
  • Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Allee! 
  • We saw the movie 
  • There are thoughts, mostly disjointed 

Podcast Question: How would you rate the movie?

Apr 5, 2022
  • We are THIS CLOSE to the release of Secrets of Dumbledore.
  • Thanks to our Patreon Supporter this week, Beth W.!
  • Phoenix Register: Marjolaine saw the movie at a press screening!
  • The movie also had its red carpet premiere on March 29, hosted by Tom Felton. 
  • The script book is coming out 7/15, and no MinaLima art. :(
  • Owl Post: Listener Jeri writes in about the preview of the Movie Magic book on Amazon. 
  • Main Discussion: A spoiler-free discussion of the movie and coverage of the premiere and press conference
  • Marjolaine had a wild global adventure to see the movie!
  • First thoughts: It's good!
  • Jessica Williams loves being in the movie and we're here for it.
  • We get so much more of characters than we expected. 
  • Is this the best Dumbledore we've gotten?
  • "Credence is a sad boy, he's still a very sad boy."
  • We got beasts! Very impressive, very magical, very cute!
  • This is a movie for the big screen, to be seen over and over again.
  • Nearly the whole cast and a lot of crew came to the press conference on 3/28. You can check it out here!
  • “He’s sad and then poof! There’s Jessica Williams.”
  • Newt and Dumbledore = Anakin and Obi-Wan. Minus the evil.
  • Dougal lives rent-free in Geoff’s heart.
  • Ultimately, it’s all about love.
Podcast Question: Which character in Secrets of Dumbledore do you think will be most exciting?
Mar 20, 2022
  • We brought Alohomora! to SpeakBeasty, y'all! Welcome to our special guest, Sam Williams!
  • Phoenix Register: There's so much!
  • The world premiere will be on 3/29, and UK residents can enter a contest to be there!
  • This movie has THIRTEEN release dates. Avoiding spoilers is going to be tough. 
  • New posters, new footage, new characters on IMDb!
  • Owl Post: positivity in the Wizarding World and an "own voices" series!
  • Expanding the wizarding world would benefit fans as well as WB.
  • Main Discussion: new character posters and teaser footage!
  • "Everyone else got a poster, shouldn't Aberforth's goats?"
  • Sam introduces his Time-Turner theory.
  • Helmut: who is he?
  • One must be very formal with one's nifflers. 
  • Shannen is a helper.
  • Ann will forcibly induct everyone into her OTP.
  • "This wand is unyielding. This wand is … murdery?"
  • We're breaking The Case of the Red Tie wide open.
  • "It's very 'this is fine.''
  • Oh, there she is! Kind of.
  • No-Maj Movie Magic: aerial cinematography with Jeremy Braben!
  • Here's a picture of the director's view of an aerial shot.
  • The hosts of Alohomora! wrote a book, coming out 4/19! Pre-order it now!
  • Listen to Sam on Alohomora! as well as on Twitter and Instagram at @jabbernator, and check out his book reviews on

Podcast Question: What is the significance of the red tie? 

Mar 6, 2022
  • It's March!
  • Phoenix Register: will the news curse strike again? (Yes)
  • SoD costumes at the Studio Tour!
  • We love Newt's costume! And Dumbledore's! And Queenie's! And and and…
  • There was another SoD fan event in Japan
  • Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History will drop in the UK on 2/27, in the US on 4/1, and in France on ????
  • Harry Potter: The Exhibition opened in Philadelphia, and it looks very cool
  • Owl Post – positivity in the HP fandom! Can we be as excited about the fandom as we were 20 years ago?
  • Ann is a Fandom Old™ and has feelings.
  • Marjolaine made the right call and doesn’t read the comments.
  • Main Discussion: texts and signs in the trailer!
  • Albus and Jacob’s Big New York Adventure is totally happening.
  • “I think we can call him a fascist.”
  • Here’s the Twitter thread we mention! Thanks @max_kirchi_fca for the assist!
  • “Maybe they’re like Russian nesting suitcases.”
  • Don’t brainwash children into killing Muggles.
  • Newtcase: the manticore, a.k.a. “the nope monster”
  • The manticore is the first beast with a theme song.
  • Arachnologists – write in and tell us about baby scorpion venom, please!
  • Student safety: not a thing that’s considered at Hogwarts.
  • The manticore is named Mrs. Whiskers. We don’t make the rules.

Podcast Question: Are there any inspiring examples of positivity from the Wizarding World fandom that you’ve experienced? Share them with us!

Mar 1, 2022
  • Title: Can We Keep It?
  • We have a NEW trailer!
  • It's super-sized! 
  • Lally is the best.
  • Ann adds another project to her "to stitch" list.
  • Are we entering the Wizarding World multiverse?
  • "That doesn't pass the vibe check." 
  • The niffler's name is NOT Teddy
  • If something happens to Theseus, we riot.

Podcast Question: What do you think the mirror writing says?

Feb 20, 2022
  • Give a big Beasty welcome to Joshua Shea, who played Young Newt in Crimes of Grindelwald!
  • He's half of a Newt. Or something like that.
  • Phoenix Register - MuggleNet leaked exclusive (and very cute, according to Marjolaine) pics of Ariana Dumbledore from Crimes of Grindelwald 
  • Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History is finally being released by the BBC!
  • The Wizarding World Wands exhibition is returning to celebrate the opening of Secrets of Dumbledore
  • Someone in Stoke-on-Trent please write to Geoff.
  • "You got expelled from Durmstrang? Oh cool, you can come here."
  • Owl Post: Listeners write in about Kama! Will he be a double agent or go to the dark side?
  • Main Discussion: An interview with Joshua Shea!
  • Josh passes the vibe check - not evil enough to be Grindelwald. 
  • "And he turned around, and it was Eddie Redmayne."
  • We find out what a boggart actually looks like.
  • What scene made Joshua's hands shake?
  • Follow Josh on Instagram at @joshuashea to stay up to date on his upcoming films and his band, The Sheas!
Podcast Question: What part of Newt's past would you like to see more of?
Feb 6, 2022
  • It’s MuggleCast! Eric and Micah are crashing SpeakBeasty!
  • This episode is sponsored by Patreon supporter Jemima R.! Thank you so much!
  • Phoenix Register: Can Micah remember how to read the news?
  • MinaLima has released two Fantastic Beasts-related sketches.
  • Amy and Lizzie: Wanted by the law? 
  • More casting news!
  • Owl Post: Eric reads some listeners’ thoughts about the Statute of Secrecy
  • Marjolaine feels it’s kind of anti-democracy.
  • “Muggles are people too!”
  • Main Discussion: Pairings and team-ups! Just like this one!
  • We’ll all be doing the fire crab dance at the next LeakyCon Ball.
  • The Number One Diricawl Fan Club Rides Again
  • We’re all fans of The Brothers Scamander
  • Eric and Lizzie consider "the Voldemort route."
  • Everyone please tell Micah where it snows in Brazil. 
  • Becoming a tip jar would be niffler heaven.
  • Double agent to who?

Podcast Question: "Do you think Yusuf Kama is going to the dark side or is he playing double agent?"

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