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Dec 18, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Aaron is back to guest host!
→ Submit your smash cake videos.
→ Shannen is a British baby.
→ "Why is this tomato on my PB&J?"
→ is LIVE!
→ Richard Ayoade for Dumbledore!
→ Is the Swooping Evil master of the Elder Wand? 
→ We predicted Pokemon Go
→ "Run outside and grab a squirrel."
→ Moment of silence for Newt's tea kettle.
→ Dwyane Johnson as Grindelwald?
→ Hodags and Hide-Behinds, our newest band.
→ "The Newt Case": The Tarasque!
→ "It's the fruit salad of beasts."



Dec 4, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Claire, Eleanor, and Sophie share initial reactions!
→ Is Newt trying to forget Leta?
→ What's Mary Lou’s motive?
→ #BringBackColin
→ Claire’s got a theory…
→ Whose wand is it anyway?
→ “That’s not how the justice system works…”
→ What's up with that death potion?
→ Does Newt shave?
→ Needs more Graves.
→ We're STILL obsessed with coats.
→ "The Newt Case:" The Erumpent!
→ Eddie's mating dance is everything. 


Nov 20, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ The game has changed on midnight releases.
→ "It felt like going home..."
→ "It's a better movie because it was MADE to be a movie."
 Zootopia: A Fantastic Beasts prequel?
→ "Your mom's an erumpent!"
Fantastic Beasts pick-up lines.
→ Newt's dance. The new bend and snap?
→ #JusticeForCredence
→ Haircuts spoil everything.
→ "Shut up BERNADETTE!"
→ Emotionally destroyed by wand umbrellas.
→ "Make it rain, Frank!"


Nov 13, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ We saw “Fantastic Beasts” and...
→ WE LOVE IT!! Kat and Amy join us for a SPOILER FREE review!
→ “Jo’s fingerprints are all over it.”
→ Better than the Harry Potter films?
→ Will this be the film to win Jo an Oscar?
→ Screenplay a MUST READ, says Eddie Redmayne.
→ MUCH darker than “Potter”.
→ The niffler is a “crap ton of fun”.
→ David Heyman is our fave.
→ We tried on the “Fantastic Beasts” Hot Topic gear!
→ The black carpet was magical…
→ Warwick Davis is making a fandom documentary!
→ “If you thought it was over, it’s only just starting again…”

Nov 6, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

SpeakBeasty listener Laine guest hosts!
→ "We only podcast to make puns..."
→ “The Phoenix Register”: More on The Blind Pig!
→ Could Graves be a Snape?
→ Buckbeak is our spirit animal, AND OUR GUEST HOST?!
→ "That was a dramatic situation I made up."
→ "Monumentous? Is that even a word?"
→ Fantastic Beasts 2 will be set in France!
→ The French called the '20s the "crazy years".
→ Eleanor gives a better history lesson than your professors.
→ “The Time-Turner”: Politics of the '20s!
→ Do wizards vote?
→ “The Newt Case”: The Kraken! It gets weird...
→ Fantastic Beasts in Atlantis?!

Oct 23, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Sophie & Claire are here with BIG news!
→ Casually meeting J.K. Rowling with a few hundred people.
→ “The Phoenix Register”: FIVE MOVIES! POSTERS! EMOJIS!
→ "I learned that from the podcast!"
→ Mary-Lou and her evil centerpieces.
→ Monday—do nefarious things...
→ We're still obsessed with Graves' coat.
→ Stephen Hawking & Dumbledore save the world?
→ Will we see the wizarding side of World War II?
→ Is Graves the next big bad?
→ Newt’s like “No!” and Graves is like “I don’t care.”
SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the first ten minutes of the film!
→ “The Time-Turner”: Jazz & the music of the 20's!
→ This isn't just Harry's world anymore...
→ “The Newt Case”: The Clabbert! Cute or creepy?

Oct 18, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Ashley exists! (Along with Ariel, Lizzie, Megan, and Elayna)
→ Newt's patronus: Niffler or Hippogriff?
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Main Titles from the soundtrack released!!
→ Will Fantastic Beasts live up to the hype?
→ Where in the Wizarding World could Newt travel next?
→ Will we ever see Rolf Scamander in the films?
→ Our podcast is almost a year old... #CueTheFeels

Sep 25, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Special guest, SpeakBeasty listener Allie!
→ Our first live show will be at New York Comic Con!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: MuggleNet visited the set!
→ Patronus test results! Squirrels, dragons, & more!
→ CONFIRMED: Agatha Christie is legit.
→ There is no canon...
→ Newt has A BROTHER?!
→ Are Theseus & Graves besties?
→ Pickett has attachment issues.
→ Jacob is super loyal. Probably a Hufflepuff.
→ Queenie is the epitome of feminine & strong.
→ “The Time-Turner”: Harry Houdini! Definitely a wizard.
→ “The Newt Case”: Billywigs! Hallucinogen or cute floaty things?
→ "Hovering uncontrollably or permanent floating may ensue."

Sep 13, 2016

On this bonus episode of SpeakBeasty:

→ Join Shannen and Jessica for an exclusive interview!
→ Find out which FANTASTIC sets Jessica explored!
→ Learn more about new creature concept art!
→ Discover what it was like to meet the team!

Sep 11, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

Enter our Newt Scamander Funko POP! giveaway!
→ To enter to win, listen for the three "secret words"!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Coloring books, posters, and covers!
→ Seraphina and her EPIC purple wand.
→ Welcome to the new generation of fans.
→ Should Robert Downey Jr be young Dumbledore?
→ Why did the Ashwinder cross the road?
→ Newt and Charles Darwin were probably bros.
→ So. Much. Complicated. Canon.
→ Putting DVD's and paperbacks in a blender...
→ Han wasn't the only one who shot first.
→ “The Time-Turner”: Agatha Christie (aka, Gone Girl)
→ "What kind of beasts live in chalk quarries?"
→ “The Newt Case”: The Squonk!
→ Scientific names for sad cinnamon rolls.

PODCAST QUESTION: Will it blend? How do you define Harry Potter canon and how will Fantastic Beasts fit into your personal canon?




Aug 28, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ It's a British invasion week!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Casting directors and cake.
→ WE'RE SELLING T-SHIRTS! Only available for a limited time!
→ Get ready to throw money at the tie-in books!
→ Newt and Harry have Megan in common.
→ Are the gonna make Queenie EVIL!?
→ No more manic pixie dream girls!
→ What we know so far: it's a lot.
→ Less than 100 days to go!
→ Ariel is so very pleased.
→ “The Time-Turner”: First woman to swim the English channel SLAYED.
→ Gertrude is a BAMF. Gertrude is everything.
→ “The Newt Case”: The ashwinder!
→ Fire snakes ruined Hogwarts pantomime.

PODCAST QUESTION: Given all we've learned so far, what is the ONE THING you are most excited to see in the first Fantastic Beasts film this fall?

Aug 14, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Megan and Eleanor join us!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Lots of bits of scoop!
→ We'll be at New York Comic Con!
→ Beast plushies & possible parks!
→ Invoking nostalgic excitement = feels.
→ "Could be a giant rolling octopus..."
→ What's up with Credence?
→ The abstract nature of Legilimency.
→ Queenie & Newt should be BFFs.
→ Fantastic Beasts 3: The Great Emu War.
→ “The Time-Turner”: 1920's literature!
→ Winnie the Pooh & the death of the American dream.
→ “The Newt Case”: The adorable, awkward mooncalf!
→ "They just want to dance!"

PODCAST QUESTION: Do you think Credence possesses magical abilities? Why or why not?






Jul 31, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Michael and Elayna are back, along with guest Colleen!
→ Some sad news...
→ “The Phoenix Register”:We learned a lot from Comic Con!
Fantastic Beasts Legos! T-shirts! Posters!
→ The funniest movie in the Wizarding World?
→ Eddie is a Hufflepuff! Best moment of his life.
→ Graves is just not having a good day.
→ Fire breathing squirrels!
→ Subway fight with wands!
→ We all wanna be wizards.

→ “The Time-Turner”: Prohibition!
→ “Wouldn’t it be great if we could drink right now?”
→ “The Newt Case”: Don't be such a Gytrash!
→ Story time with Michael...

PODCAST QUESTION: In the most recent trailer, we saw a shadowy figure attacking New York and a glowing beast beneath the ice. What creatures do you think they are? Do you think they could be something else?

Jul 17, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Guest host Hayley joins us!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Fantastic Beasts at San Diego Comic Con!
→ Meet producer Elayna at SDCC!
→ Katherine & Alison became BFFs.
→ Feels we didn't sign up for...
→ Lots of playing with hair in this film.
→ Comprehensive Ilvermorny history.
→ "Dem boys have magic!!"
→ The power of love is strong with this one.
→ Poor Martha...
→ “The Time Turner”: Salem Witch Trails!
→ Damn Jo, back at it again with the foreshadowing!
→ “The Newt Case”: Meet the Wampus!
→ What's the ding???


Jul 3, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Shannen is back, along with Sophie!
→ "The Phoenix Register": Posters & stories & clips, oh my!
→ Newt is Dora the Explorer & Hufflepuff Batman.
→ This episode's hosts rep all four Ilvermorny houses!
→ Bowtie undone? Get it together, Newt!
→ Mustard face Tina is adorable.
→ Baby bowtruckles!
→ Fancy, gratuitous apparating.
→ "The Time Turner": Quidditch!
→ Was Captain America a Quidditch star?
→ What makes it more American? EXPLOSIONS.
→ "The Newt Case": The dastardly Dwayyo!
Fantastic Beasts should have been a rom-com...
→ "It's not beasts he finds, it's love!"


Jun 19, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ SPECIAL GUEST: Mitchell Thornton from Fantastic Beasts!
→ "The Phoenix Register": Lego Newt!?
→ Hamilton won Tony awards because of SpeakBeasty.
Hedwig's Theme is universal.
→ We have faith in JK!

→ Interview with Mitchell!
→ What it's like being on set of Fantastic Beasts!
→ Really long days. Really good food.
→ Using your phone? You're fired.
→ Jon Voigt is delightful.
→ What kind of creature is the "Obscurus"?

→ "The Newt Case": Snallygaster!
→ Kill it with moonshine! Or Teddy Roosevelt...
→ Send cookies for Ariel. Howlers for Shannen.

Jun 6, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Megan & Elayna join us!
→ "The Phoenix Register": Inside the Tenement Museum!
→ Could the leaked names describe tribes or dorms?
→ Salazar Slytherin in a hard hat...
→ Spoiler: We are the cursed child.
→ Sorting processes of Finland.
→ Hogwarts band geeks?!
→ Weaponized intertextuality manipulating our feels...
→ Will Newt visit Hogwarts?
→ Screw CGI! We want puppets!
→ Snape's great uncle's cousin fanfic.

→ "The Time-Turner": The golden age of Broadway!

→ "The Newt Case": The Sidehill Gouger!
→ Horses lead to... cat-dogs?
→ What intertextual symbols do you want to see in the films?


May 22, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Eleanor & Lizzie are back, and Steph guest hosts!
→ "The Phoenix Register": Will Graves be a one off?
→ Do David Yates & J.K. Rowling send each other snap chats?
→ MinaLima's 20's designs are EVERYTHING.
→ Similarities between Harry's trio & Newt's quartet.
→ Official word from Pottermore on Ilvermony!
→ Are they house names or mascots?
→ Is Ilvermorny more like Hogwarts or Greek Life?
→ Are you a Gryffinbirdclaw or a Wampwudgie?
→ "The Time-Turner": Hogwarts in the 1920's!

→ "The Newt Case": Sinister Pukwudgies!
→ Sonic the hedgehog, bitten by a zombie.
→ Send us your theories about Ilvermorny's possible houses!

May 8, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Megan & Elayna are here!
→ "The Phoenix Register": Screenplay & production design details!
→ The magical partnership of Jo & Stuart.
→ Pros and cons of the screenplay in book form.
→ Is WB & Scholastic just milking us for money?
→ Potter fans are having an existential crisis.
→ We blame Marvel & Twitter for everything.
→ "Newfangled technologies, kids, ugh…"
→ Fandom. Have it your way.
→ "The Time-Turner": The wonders of Transatlantic travel!
→ “NO! I have friends now!”
→ "The Newt Case": The Argopelter!
→ "Its basically a jerk monkey...”


Apr 24, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Sophie & Michael are back!
→ "The Phoenix Register": TEASER TRAILER!
→ We knew pokeballs were involved...
→ The costumes are CGI. Eddie Redmayne is a hologram.
→ What's up with Newt's expulsion?
→ Introducing WizJazz sensation, "Ariel and the Sasquatch 5"
→ A case of unlimited cupcakes?
→ Magical exposure danger levels
→ Some good points about newspapers.
→ "The Time-Turner": Ogg & Hagrid's Incredible Adventures.

→ "The Newt Case": Fluffy, adorable, cozy nifflers.
→ "I am Pastries! Give me all your gold!"
→ For more bloopers & shenanigans, support us on patreon!


Apr 10, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty: 

→ Megan & Eleanor are here! Aaron's sorting out his priorities...
→ "The Phoenix Register": Filming has NOT been pushed back.
→ MuggleNet, your #1 source for EVERYTHING?!
→ New clip coming at the MTV movie awards!
→ #NeedsMoreSasquatch. Always.
→ Peter Pettigrew's mom got the finger...
→ The fantastic diversity of Hufflepuff House.
→ "Houses are what you value, not what you are."
→ Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep.
→ "The Time Turner": Women of the 1920's!
"We didn't have to be pregnant all the time!"
→ "The Newt Case": The Diricawl! Aka, the Dodo bird!

Apr 1, 2016

Greetings, listeners! *hem hem* This is your High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, here to announce that per Educational Decree Number 24, all student organizations, societies, teams, groups, and clubs, are henceforth disbanded, including all MuggleNet podcasts. However, I am pleased to bring you this new, Ministry approved episode of SpeakBeasty, featuring a moving piece of prose by Argus Filch about one of nature's most fantastic beasts, the cat.

Mar 27, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty: 

→ Hosts Claire & Lizzie are back!
→ "The Phoenix Register": More "History of Magic in North America" news!
→ Dorcus Twelvetrees: Great name, lame person.
→ Jo, if you're listening, tweet us about KPop.
→ Fancy American wandmakers!
→ Shannen is coloring.
→ Digital beasts and how to be disappointed in them...
→ Are wizarding suburbs a thing?
→ "The Time Turner": 1920's Fashion!
→ "The Newt Case": The Rougarou is just weird.
→ "I turned into a chicken, but I can't talk about it."

Mar 13, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Alohomora host Michael is our special guest host!
→ Ariel is the birthday fairy.
The Phoenix Register: #MagicInNorthAmerica Parts I & II
→ Did Rowling make the right calls for inclusivity?
→ Go be excited about ACTUAL Native American history!

→ "Wanna learn magic? I've got a shack down the road!"
→ What the fwoop counts as canon?
This day in history, Porpentina eats a bagel... 

The Time Turner: Native American life in the 20's!
The Newt Case: Skinwalkers are just not nice.

Feb 28, 2016

This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ New host Sophie joins us from the UK!
→ Love from listeners makes our day. 
The Phoenix Register: More fantastic coats!
Not all pink is created evil.

→ This might actually be a Hamilton podcast...
→ Was Eddie the best choice to play Newt?
→ Ariel's Petition for Sasquatch!

→ The Wizarding World needs more diversity!

The Time Turner: The Harlem Renaissance!
→ We demand magical jazzy Speakeasies.
The Newt Case: The Hoop Snake!
→ Silly snakes & UFO hats, because reasons.
→ The Ariel Sounds KPop Remix

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